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Our Vision

Nurture every child to blossom.

Our Mission

Provide individualised therapy services to make positive impacts for the children we see and the parents, teachers, schools and organizations who support them. Everyone at Little Buds OT strives to make a difference for every child we come into contact with.

Our Values

Swing therapy


We are open and honest with families from their very first interaction with us right through to the last. We will give you as much information as possible so that you can make an informed choice about using our service, or if Occupational Therapy is not appropriate, we will happily guide you in the right direction. During your time with us, as we get to know your child, we will be open, transparent, and give you our honest opinion, even if sometimes it is difficult to hear.


Empathy for our clients, their families and significant others is ingrained in our history and inspires our future. We do more than treat the child; we practice family-centred care and respect each child’s individual differences as the cornerstone of compassion.

Genuine Relationships

We strive to get to know each child, to understand their worries, passions, and dreams. This builds connection and true relationships which in turn allows safety and trust to grow and the child to blossom.

Drive & Ambition

We aim to be better every day. We value, nurture and encourage ambition & drive to continue to make a positive change to every child we see. Our Occupational Therapists know that learning doesn’t stop when they finish their degree, it is an ongoing opportunity to be their best self so that they can have the most impact.

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