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Occupational Therapy Sessions MUST be...
A Team Effort 
Our sessions are based around the goals we establish together with you and your child. We value your input and presence in our sessions, but we know that this is not always possible. Therefore, we provide you with our sessions notes and sometimes photos, to keep you up to date on what we worked on and what you can follow up on at home. Having home sessions over the school holidays is especially useful for us to touch base with you face-to-face, re-assess goals, and address any concerns you may have. We also love to hear about and share in your wins. We value the knowledge that parents as well as teachers and other important people in your child's life bring to the table.
Open discussions
Fun learning craft
We believe that the best learning happens, when therapy is fun, and so we base our sessions around your child's interests & passions. We follow their lead and challenge them when they are ready. We aren't afraid to be silly or to laugh at ourselves. When they feel like they are valued and understood in a fun and stress-free environment, their desire to learn and their confidence take off!
fun on a swing
fun trampoline
We have training in the DIR Floortime model and we value the principles behind it. Our sessions are therefore based around meeting your child at their developmental level, following their lead, and building a trusting, caring relationship with them. We don't use rewards, punishments, or ultimatums and we don't seek compliance. Instead, we believe that children will engage happily, if they feel safe, valued, and connected. They don't need to comply, we want them to be themselves, to question things, and to be able to say "NO" if something doesn't feel right.
Tummy time
fine motor skills
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