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About us - Welcome to Little Buds OT
Together background
Clinical Team at Little Buds OT

At Little Buds OT we love helping children who are struggling with everyday life skills, whether these are at home, kinder or at school. We also focus on preparing children for the best possible transition to school. 

Therapy is never as effective when it is forced or not fun. We let the child lead so that they feel like they are the most important and valued person in the room. When we truly get to know each other and therapy becomes meaningful to the child, that's when we see them flourish. 

We know that parents/caregivers are the expert on their child and we value the importance of parental involvement in therapy sessions. Therefore whenever possible we work with you and your child to achieve the best outcomes. If you can't be at therapy sessions, we make sure to provide you with progress notes, photos and sometimes videos, so that you can follow-up on what we are working on, at home.

All our therapists are registered to practice as Occupational Therapists through Allied Health Practitioners Registration Authority (AHPRA) and are members of their professional association Occupational Therapy Australia.​

We look forward to hearing from you and supporting you and your child. 

Our Story

Little Buds OT was started by Kat Peters in 2009 to provide much-needed therapy services within the areas of Casey and Cardinia. After going solo for about 10 years, Kat realised that for her to help as many children on her waitlist as possible, she could no longer do it on her own. She needed help! With a lot of hard work, determination, and adaptability, Little Buds OT has grown and blossomed to the thriving and highly respected practice it is today.


Our close team of caring, fun, and motivated therapists work hard, support one another, and provide therapy to many families. Each team member is cherished, valued, and respected.

As the team has grown, it has become vital that the same level of professionalism and care continues with each new team member, and therefore Kat now focuses on teaching, mentoring, and supporting her clinicians. She loves her role as Director and mentor to her team, and it's not uncommon to see her coming along to therapy sessions to witness a clinician's great work and to provide feedback and advice.

Our Story at Little Buds OT

Our Logo

Our rocket ship logo was an initial painting created by Kat's son, Owen when he was 5 years old. He drew the rocket ship with himself, his family and their Spoodle (Alfie) in the windows of the rocket ship as they all fly off on an adventure to explore space! Kat has this picture hanging on her wall and when she was thinking of what the new Little Buds logo could be, she knew this was it! Just like Owen's family, at Little Buds OT we are all going on little adventures all the time. Adventures with our clients, adventures with our colleagues, adventures with new friends we meet in therapy groups, and who knows maybe one day on adventures with a therapy dog.


Why not join us for an adventure... oh the exciting things we'll do and places we'll go!!!

rocket logo
Rocket logo reimagined

The original painting included Owen in the top window, his dad under him, then his mum, Alfie the dog and finally his brother Leo in the bottom window. Unfortunately for design purposes, Leo didn't make it into the logo. It's OK, he's not too upset about it!

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