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Therapy Assistant Program

We are excited to offer our Therapy Assistant (TA) Program, which can make a significant difference in your child's development and therapeutic progress.

This is a particularly helpful program if your child's therapy is stable and they need regular practice in a particular skill, if your child needs more intensive input, or to stretch their funding out for longer periods.

Our program provides sk
illed and compassionate assistants who work closely with our team of OTs. They start off by meeting your child in a joint session with your Occupational Therapist who then sets an 8 to 10 week plan for the TA to follow, which is then reviewed with new goals set at the end of each plan.

The TA and OT touch base and discuss your child's progress as well as address any concerns throughout the 8-10 week plan.

Our Therapy Assistants can contribute to your child's progress and well-being across all environments.
Swinging therapy
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