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What is Paediatric Occupational Therapy

Paediatric Occupational Therapists (OTs) help children develop the skills needed to engage in everyday activities (their 'occupations'). A child's 'occupations' focus around: self-care, play & leisure, and learning.


Being able to engage in their everyday routines like, dressing, brushing teeth, toileting, mealtimes, showering/ bathing...

self care
play and leisure

Play & Leisure

Participating in meaningful and enjoyable play and leisure activities (craft, sport, bike riding), engaging with others (including their siblings), understanding social cues and making friends.


Learning and engaging at childcare/ kinder/ school in drawing, handwriting, cutting, typing, using the playground and playing sport, listening to their teacher, following instructions, paying attention, and organising themselves and their belongings.


There are many skills required for a child to engage in their 'occupations', some of which include:

  • Fine motor skills (hand strength and finger dexterity).

  • Gross motor skills (balance, strength, coordination, core strength, posture).

  • Body awareness (understanding their body parts and where their body is in space).

  • Self-awareness (understanding who they are as a person - their likes & dislikes, what makes them similar and different to others, and their qualities).

  • Pre-writing skills (drawing shapes, drawing a person, 

  • Visual perceptual skills (being able to make sense of the information they see, and hand-eye coordination).

  • Auditory processing skills (being able to make sense of the information they hear).

  • Motor planning and praxis (the ability to conceive of, plan, organise and execute body movements).

  • Brain Integration (understanding left & right, hand dominance, crossing the midline).

  • Play & Social Skills

  • Attention & Concentration

  • Self Regulation (the ability to match the energy levels to the task).

  • Sensory processing skills (process sensory input in a meaningful way).


How Can We Help?


Small therapy groups for children experiencing similar difficulties such as:

  • School Readiness Groups

  • Handwriting Groups

  • Social Skills Groups - Nature Group

  • Lego Groups

Groups run during school holidays and are dependent on level of interest.

Therapy Assistant Program

Therapy Assistants who deliver therapy plans to children under the guidance of our Occupational Therapists.



  • Initial Assessments

  • Observations at kinder/school

  • Specific Skills Assessments

  • Functional Capacity Assessments

  • Sensory Profiles

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Occupational Therapy Sessions

Individualised therapy, based on the child's, the family's, and teachers' goals.

We value following the child's lead and therefore our therapy is heavily based on the DIR Floortime model.

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