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Nature Group

Usually run during mid year and end of year school holidays.

A group program for 8-12 year olds focusing on life skills, social skills, fine & gross motor skills, and more... in the beautiful setting of a mini farm in Pakenham Upper.

Children will spend 3 hours with us, making friends and socialising while exploring the wonderous nature around them.


This is a group for children who don’t mind getting wet and dirty, and who aren’t afraid to share in the company of bugs and other little critters whose role on this earth is as important as any other species.


Children will enjoy getting their messy play-on by using potting mix, feeling the worms in our compost bin, looking for tadpoles or maybe they are almost frogs...


They will learn about how to grow things from seeds and cuttings as well as collect materials to make art projects.


Children will connect with their inner self by practicing some mindfulness and yoga


There will be an opportunity to forage in the veggie garden, orchard, and berry patch to ignite the taste buds and maybe even try something new. A picnic to finish off the day enjoying the company of others and reflecting on our amazing time together.


Maximum of 10 children per group, with one therapist per 5 children.


We will run a total of four 3-hour groups in January. You can register for as many groups as you like, however new groups will only be opened once previous groups are full, so you may need to check back in to see if new groups have opened. We will also post on our website and our socials (fb and Instagram) when new groups open up.

Cost: $330 per day (includes 3 hrs and all materials)

Where: Pakenham Upper (address provided upon registration)

Let's Go Exploring!

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